Artist mission – audio postcard from Paper Cinema in Poole

As part of the New Theatre in your Neighbourhood project Fuel have been inviting artists to undertake missions to each of the places that we are working in. As part of their mission they will be contributing to the blog. We are delighted to present this audio postcard from Paper Cinema.  You can find out more about the New Theatre in your Neighbourhood project a

Audio postcard from Paper Cinema in Poole – best listened to with headphones.

Poole is a thriving town surrounded by parkland and industrial sites. There are parts of Poole that you won’t hear much but the chatter of sea birds and water gently lapping against moored boats. All sorts of transportation connect through the town, we heard buses, trains, pleasure boats and ferries underscoring the ever present seagulls.

In the harbour the sounds are of industry – cranes load boats with sand and gravel, we hear boat builders and the sound of the wind making the masts clink and moorings creak. Listen closely at 1min10 for high pitched whistles recorded underneath ‘Sea Music’ a large metal sculpture designed by Sir Anthony Caro, that interacts with the wind to produce sounds.

There’s also the familiar sounds of urban england as locals and visitors shuffle around the shopping centre, buskers strum on the high street and children play in the parks that are also home to geese and swans.

Huge thanks to Little Boat / Chris Reed.

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